Our Products

We supply and install full range of laboratory products for clinical laboratories, research laboratories. academic laboratories, QC laboratories etc. We can also design, supply and install laboratory furniture. case works and fittings

Laboratory and Analytical Equipments

Elemntal Analyzers

Environmental Analyzers

Chromatography and Spectroscopy

Petroleum Testing Equipment

Laboratory Reagents and Chemicals

Analytical Grade Chemicals

Life Science Chemicals and Reagents

Material Science

Research Garden Chemicals

Laboratory Instruments

Autoclaves and Sterilizers



Various Handheld and Laboratory Meters

Liquid Handling Products

Laboratory Freezers and Refrigerator


Incubators, Ovens and Furnaces

Shakers and Stirrers


Lab Safety equipment

Water distillation and purification systems

Laboratory Glassware and Consumables

Bottles and Beakers

Tubing and fittings

Distillation and extraction apparatus

Flasks and Funnels

Chromatography consumables

Laboratory Accessories and tools

Safety and security items

Laboratory Furnoture and Fittings

Laboratory case works and fittings

Laboratory benches and sinks

Laboratory Fume Hoods

Storage cupboards

Medical Products

Medical Consumables and Disposables

Medical Refrigerators and freezers

Hospital and clinical diagnostic equipment

Cardio vascular consumables

Hospital Furniture Carts and Trolleys

Surgical Instruments

Clinical waste management supplies

Hospital Clothes and linens